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Water Dragons

The Leviathan hunts solo or in pairs and catches huge fish, sharks, and squid as it scours the waters of its home.

“A dragon's heart burns fiercely, even in the face of evil.”  

-S.G. Rogers


Their Story

Habitat: The World's Oceans

Size: 150 ft length

Diet: Large Fish, Sharks, and Giant Squid

Dens: Coastal Caverns

Leviathan Sea Dragons are native to the deeper oceans of the world. Though they hunt and travel vast distances, they make their dens in large caverns along the coastlines of many other regions. These massive dragons feed on the largest of pray, using interlocking teeth to catch things like Swordfish, Great White Sharks, and Giant Squid. Though typically hunting solo or in pairs, Leviathans show a more social side when meeting up around their coastal dens.


Meet The Leviathan

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