Coatl Dragon Den

Winged Dragons

The Coatl dragon is very social and enjoys watching the other dragons and its prey from the height of its chosen mountain home.


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Their Story

Habitat: The Vault Heights

Size: 50 ft. length / 60 ft. wingspan

Diet: Cattle and other large animals

Dens: High mountain caves

Coatls call peaks in the tall mountains of The Vaulted Heights their home. They make their dens in the caves they find, to rest and socialize between hunts. Adult Coatls tend to be about 50 ft in length, with wingspans around 60 ft. Being large dragons, they eat equally large prey, hunting cattle and various other large animals in the valleys or that wander up the mountains. Coatls are proud, social dragons that come in many colors and enjoy basking in the sun as much as gliding on the strong wind currents that race between their mountainous home.


Meet The Coatl