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COMING SOON - Limited 2024 Year Of The Dragon 

Thank you for visiting my site.  I have over 200+ different products and I am working on getting them on my products page.  I have dragons, creatures, animals, wall mounts, Christmas items, game controller holders, hinged habitat boxes and much more.  Feel free to message me if there is something that you are looking for in particular.  


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MODSTER Dragon formerly known as INFINITY - Now Available!

This is a modular dragon that uses a ball and socket system.  You can take it apart and make a new dragon over and over.  The base dragon comes with 1 head, 2 feet, 3 body segments (4 sections each) and 1 small tail.  You can purchase additional parts to make your dragon as long as your want or with 4 wings, 6 feet, 2 heads, etc.  The possibilites are endless!

I started my business in November 2020 by making a sample custom Lithophane night light.  Using a digital or scanned picture, I altered the picture to give it high contrast and then made a 3D print of it.  I asked some of my friends at the dog park if they would be interested in one for their dog or pet.  They said yes and were very happy with the outcome of the product.  I then decided to start a business and realized how happy people were to see their fur babies and some of them even had me do memoriams of their past pets.  I expanded and make added new ideas; people, places, scanned words or writing and any picture or scan.    My product line now includes, night lights, rotating boxes,  5x7 frames and lanterns.  I always tell people that in the past, we used to develop our pictures and put them in frames so that we could enjoy them.  Now we take pictures on our phone and leave them there.  I take the past and present and merge them together to create a lasting memory that can be enjoyed daily and shared with others for a lifetime.



Halloween Horrors

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